Make Your Music Beat to You.

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JogBeat is a new app for iPhone and iPod touch that automatically selects and adjusts your music to your jogging 'beat'. It's so effective and workout inducing that you won't want to stop. Get it now and start jogging!


JogBeat automatically picks songs that match your running pace. It seamlessly analyses the tempo of your music library and finds the songs that best match your current pace.

Don't like the song that JogBeat selected? Skip ahead to something that also matches your run.

JogBeat's Active Sync smoothly changes the tempo of the song currently playing so that the match is perfect to your own pace.

The features that
make you go!

JogBeat not only selects the best song to match your running experience, it constantly adjusts them to match your own 'jog beat' while keeping the song's integrity.

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Using the iPhone or iPod's built-in accelerometer, JogBeat senses your pace automatically and dynamically.
No manual settings required.

Will JogBeat motivate me to exercise more?

Our initial trials have taught us that this is absolutely the case. It's just so much fun when the music runs with you that you will not want to stop!

Does JogBeat work on any kind of music?

Pretty much. Podcasts and tracks that do not have a beat, such as some classical music, will not be picked by JogBeat.

Can I use my own running playlist?

Yes. JogBeat can either pick songs from your entire library or from a selected playlist.

But sometimes I change my pace while I'm jogging..

No problem! JogBeat's Active-Sync smoothly adjusts the tempo of the currently playing song to match your exact current pace.

What makes JogBeat different?

JogBeat improves on your music player by sensing your actual pace, automatically picking the music accordingly and dynamically adjusting it as your pace changes, enhancing your jogging experience.

Will JogBeat work along with my activity tracking app?

Yes. You can use JogBeat and other apps at the same time.

Can I get help beyond this FAQ?

Sure, feel free to post questions on our Facebook page:
Or contact us via email.

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